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Out of Character Information

player name: Kaz
player livejournal: [personal profile] collidoskope
playing here: Desmond Miles - Assassin’s Creed / The Boss - Saints Row the Third
where did you find us? I play here, dammit!
are you 16 years of age or older?: Yep yep.

In Character Information

character name: “The Boss” - he doesn’t disclose a name in the game (glamorous gang stuff, man) and will likely just take on an alias for the sake of Scorched
Fandom: Saints Row (I, II, III)
Timeline: Near-to the end of Saints Row 3, after participating in the Murderbrawl XXXI pay-per-view.
character's age: Early 30s?
powers, skills, pets and equipment:

Weapons! - He knows how to use them, and learns quickly when it comes to new, over-the-top stuff. This is definitely a skill when you’re in charge of a gang. He uses guns for the most part, but has also been known to wield knives, and... tanks. If it’s capable of spilling someone’s insides, he’ll go to ludicrous lengths to learn how to use it.

Networking! - Another skill you can’t live without when running a group, or existing in general within a city you someday want to own portions of. Even if he doesn’t particularly care for people and their workaday lives, he’ll socialize and feign interest if he has even the slightest notion that they might be of use to him. He’s rather good at making “friends”, so without a doubt, expect him to get around and see what’s what with the residents of Anatole and Dismas (especially Dismas) respectively. You don’t get anywhere by hiding indoors and only talking to the people who don’t scare you. Sometimes those are the best people to know.

Tactical! - DUDE CAN PLAN STRATEGIES LIKE A MOFO because, well, you don’t become leader of anything by being a disorganized shlep. No, he knows how to bait an enemy, set a trap, and execute (often literally) with considerable success. Ask him about the time he stole the leader of S.T.A.G.s’ face and blew up their aircraft carrier.

Beyond those primary skills, he’s showing up with some rather punkish, semi-androgynous "equipment" (clothes) and a pair of handguns complete with enough ammo to keep himself reasonably safe until he finds something better. Clothing includes combat boots, fishnet nylons, black shorts and a red leather bustier. Not exactly winter wear. He’s also got his cell phone, which obviously won’t reach anywhere, and won’t last long, either. WELP.

No pets!

I suppose for powers, if it’s alright, I’d just give him some pretty basic regenerative abilities. Nothing fancy... nothing that would let him get shot in the face without serious damage, but just a little extra boost to keep his heart going. He’s used to being a tough little shit, so dealing with other Scorched and their respective powers is gonna come as a shock. I don’t want him to be able to regrow a limb or anything, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he was able to withstand injury beyond that of a normal human?

canon history:

This is his personal wikia, detailing his rise from nothingness to leader of the 3rd Street Saints! Good for him!


“The Boss” didn’t start with that title, as you probably guessed. Nope. Go back to when he was a complete nobody, and you’ve got someone who was only a sliver of what he is today, personality-wise. A confident kid with a touch of psychosis (that sort of stuff doesn’t just crop up when you hit 20 years-old), but no real, solid foundation for self-esteem propelling him forward. It took the Saints -- headed then by Julius Little -- to take him under their wing and mold a youth’s character in absolute into something they needed then, and evidently, needed for the future. He started out unsure, but tough, never backing down from a mission and never allowing the loyalty he harbored for his elders to waver. Even when Little is arrested, our boy steps up into the role of leader without hesitation, driven toward busting his mentor free, which he accomplishes by sniffing out and destroying Stilwater’s chief of police, along with the corrupt officers working under him. What our Boss wants for his comrades, he gets for his comrades.

Even after being blown up at the end of Saints Row 1, he returns post-coma in the sequel to the skeletal remains of his once thriving organization and immediately sets to work rebuilding, recruiting, and taking back the Saints’ district. It isn’t easy with new gangs creeping about and barely half the members of their own gang from what they had before... definitely not easy on our protagonist when he discovers proof that Julius Little betrayed him, the former leader also outed as the one who set up our boy to be (almost) blown to itty bitty bits.

Here’s a major portion of his personality, folks-- he doesn’t take betrayal well. Who would? And within a notoriously tight-knit group like the Saints? Safe to say, as the former/blown up/triumphantly returning leader, The Boss ensures all frayed ends are chopped clean by putting a bullet into Little’s cranium. No remorse there, none whatsoever. It goes to show that no matter what you do for our boy -- be it helping him, saving him, teaching him -- he’ll still serve you shotgun shells for breakfast if you betray his trust.

I do have to include, though, that it isn’t necessarily a lack of loyalty that sets him off. Throughout the series, we see the Boss for what he is-- essentially, someone with very little regard for human life, and one who actually gets a tingle of pleasure from inflicting pain on people, despite his oftentimes whimsical mannerisms. He jokes about the thrill of murdering people in the great outdoors, but later sits with fellow Saint, Pierce, in a car, singing along to the radio like two derpy frat boys cruising the boulevard. The public don’t matter, and least of all, rival gang members don’t matter, no matter how they plead their case with bribery and raw cries for mercy. He really doesn’t give a shit, and draws more satisfaction from curb stomping someone than making them work for their right to survive. It’s the inside crowd that finds favour with him-- his Saints. They matter, and whether he likes to admit it or not, he does care about them as family, friend, and the only thing he’s got watching his back.

He’s probably at his worst in Saints Row 2, after coming out of the coma. It’s all about power, money and pure influence in the streets then as he works to establish the Saints as the city’s greatest influence. After all, with the state the organization is in after he’s comatose, especially with rival gangs generally taking over the place, he HAS to rule with an iron fist and keep a steel spine. It’s only in the third game that he’s toned down somewhat. The Saints are on top of the ladder; celebrities, household names with a movie in the works, billboard advertising and... an energy drink. Yeah. In that, the Bossman is rather enjoying himself and the fruits of his labour, toning down formerly brutal habits, though not losing them in absolute. He’s still a touch insane, and “completely ridiculous” as Shaundi so bluntly phrases it. He’s just a little more casual in his mannerisms, maybe a little less bloodthirsty and indifferent to the well-being of those around him. A little. Surprisingly, he does spare the leader of the Deckers’ organization after said rival gang is diffused and put to shame, which was unexpected.

Granted, a lot of what he does is unexpected, even for his closest peers. Good thing they’re relatively used to it by now.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting?

Well, safe to say, the guy’s been around the block. Born and bred for city life, his ability to adapt to the environment around him and deal with an insane mosaic of personalities is what’s helped prepare our boy for just about anything. Whether we’re talking relationships, weaponry, gag-inducing gore, narcotics or being sucked into virtual reality (being a toilet sucks, by the way), he’s lived it, and is just loopy enough to dive in again. At this point in his life, he’s seen and been through just about everything, so I’m quite confidant that beyond the initial shock of being teleported to the land of Steampunk and general whatthefuckery, he’ll be able to pull on his big boy pants and do what he does best-- network, learn the city, make some allies, and (because we all need some excitement in our lives, yeah?), make some enemies. He’s more than capable of taking care of himself, and just “out there” enough to not be utterly scarred for life at the sight of a dragon, or anything else Anatole throws at its inhabitants.

He’s also used to technology, pretty good at being social, and can be a decent person to talk to when he wants to be. As mentioned before, yeah, he’s got no qualms when it comes to curb stomping people, but those he sees as “allies” are treated with the same sort of respect anyone else would give a friend. Being new and without his peers, he knows he’s got to be on his best behaviour til he gets things figured out, network a little, all that. I think he’ll be alright.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:

[It doesn’t take him long to figure it out-- the little gadget at his side doesn’t look much different from the one he kept losing track of at home. Shaundi was pretty good at digging it out from between couch cushions, scraping it free from beneath the passenger side seat of his car, sticky and often flashing with messages he likely should have seen hours ago...

... alright. He wasn’t always the most organized, but dammit phones are small now. So he loses ‘em sometimes.

Maybe a couple times a month. This is why he has underlings, see: they didn’t mind keeping track of the shit he can’t be bothered to.

Okay... it... looks like it’s on. Stuff’s blinking. Can anyone hear me?

[Yeah, it’s on. Video and all. See your new playmate, Anatole? The makeup’s a little over-the-top, perhaps slightly clownish. He licks painted lips before speaking again, blinking dark-shadowed eyes at the screen. Definitely looks like a woman, definitely sounds like a man.]

Listen, I think I got ditched here. If anyone sees this or... or hears this... I’ve gotta get the fuck home before people start pooping their Pampers, ‘kay? Someone tell me how to do that, and I won’t start randomly bricking windows.

[No joke.]

I’m at... uh. [crap] Does this thing have a number?? How the fuck do I check voicemail?! [The view is of a thigh now, wrapped in fishnet. Obviously he’s let his hand drop, confusion of the place setting in just a little more now.]

Shit. Like I really fucking needed this...

Third Person Sample:

It’s not an incredibly odd thing that he’s face-down on the floor. Depending on the celebration, you just... well, sometimes ended up like that, whether it’s the result of a case of punch-in-the-face-from-God hangover symptoms or just a really awful trip, these things happened. Thing was, he couldn’t remember what he’d done, if anything, to put him in the state he was in now -- Frenching the floorboards, drooling, fuzz-brained and definitely not at the Murderbrawl.

Dammit, usually he at least remembered what led up to this kind of embarrassment. All that came to mind in the here and now was “went for a piss, turned around, woke up staring at the legs of a chair in Mystery Room of Mystery”, which wasn’t exactly a great feeling. It had to be a practical joke of some kind, some fuckery carried out by the Saints just to dick him around a little, probably in overdue payment for the last time he made the lot dress as male prostitutes in the name of preserving territory... or some shit like that.

Hell, sometimes he just sent ‘em out on those “missions” just for the sake of personal amusement.

Enough about that, though. Time to get up.

Thick leather soles drag dully across wood grain as he gets to his feet, flighty, pale green eyes sweeping the room for potentially unwanted company. Maybe someone else as confused as he is right now, which wouldn't be completely awful. The room, however modestly decorated and seemingly unoccupied judging from the lack of any personalized effects, is about the size of one of his Steelport hideouts.

Minus several lines of coke on the table.

And an array of multicoloured platform boots strewn about by the door.

“Well, fuck me sideways... “ he mutters, drawing out a long exhale, gloved hands propped lazily on his hips, “More virtual reality, maybe? ‘Least I’m not a goddamn toilet this time... “

Anything else? WELL HERE’S THE THING ABOUT THIS GUY... the character of “The Boss” is the same throughout the entire series. His background, personality, all that, doesn’t change with how the person playing him alters his appearance or voice. In that, someone else wanting to app “The Boss” would be looking to app the exact same character, no matter if their version is female, blue, and dressed in bondage instead of a three-piece suit. The character in and of itself is the same no matter what. What made me want to app this guy was the way he ended up looking in my version, mixed with the background and personality he comes with in canon anyway :P This is why I was sort of worried about him coming off as an OC-- the only thing “original” about him is the way I’ve got him dressed up, and the voice I picked out of the ones available. Everything else is canon. I do know that his appearance is gonna make it really effing hard to come up with icons, but I think it’s something I can manage ;) Just lemme know if this looks like a steaming pile of “no”, and we’ll forget this app ever happened lmfaodsjkfh;akhf


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